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“J, robot”

Status Report

The Japanese Consulate General of San Francisco honored the “J, Robot” documentary project by inviting producer Michael Garrigues to give a presentation of the state-of-the-art of Japanese humanoid robotics.

For two months, visitors to the Consulate were able to view edited segments of “J, Robot” on two HD monitors hanging in their large gallery space, along with framed freeze-frames of the project.

Producer Garrigues was an invited observer at the Toronto Documentary Forum, during the HOT DOCS film festival, where television network and distributor execs from around the world gathered to view works-in-progress. “J, Robot” received interest from some European networks and Beyond International, producers of the series “Mythbusters.”

All the interviews acquired to this point have now been translated and transcribed and final preparations are being made for upcoming shooting in Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe and elsewhere.

Asimo strolling through a Tokyo neighborhood in the near future.


Michihiko SHOJI
Yokohama National University
Shuuji Kaajita
HRP-2, HRP-3
Human Robotics Group, AIST
Peter Carlet
Foreign Workers Union Leader
Terukazu Nishimura
Director, Robo-One GP
Yochi Takamoto
Industrial and service robots
President, TMUSK Industries
Atshushi Hashimoto
Developer, Robot Sommelier
Mie University


(from left to right)

  1. Robovie-2F
  2. HRP-3
  3. U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi
  4. A Robo-One victor

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